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If You Want A Kitchen Remodel in PA That
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If You Want The Most Visually Stunning, Highest Quality, & Fastest Kitchen Remodel On The Market Today— Call ONE WEEK KITCHENS®.

We Don’t Do “Stock” Kitchens – You get to fully customize every feature.

We Don’t Do “Mediocre” Anything – You get the highest quality products & installation.

We Don’t Do “Long & Drawn Out” – You get a new kitchen in as little as a week.

During my 25+ years as a remodeling contractor, one thing I’ve learned in completing over 10,000 projects in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, and Kingston is this: people absolutely HATE how long kitchen remodels take.

But WHY do they take so long? The main reason is many remodelers in and around Allentown, Danville, and beyond are jack-of-all-trades contractors.

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"No Stress, No Worry" Pledge

We Are Obsessed With Perfection: If you are not happy, if it isn’t perfect – then it isn’t done… PERIOD.

We Inspect & Re-Inspect: No job is complete until it has been inspected… TWICE. Any problems found are fixed immediately.

We Use Only The Highest Skilled Craftsmen: We NEVER use day laborers or unskilled workers. Almost all of our team members have over a decade of experience each… some have more than 20 years.

We Work Hard To Earn Your Trust: Full background checks, drug screening, and extensive training. If we wouldn’t let them in our home, we certainly won’t let them into yours.

We Respect You: From the first phone call to the last, no one is going to respect you, your home, or your money more than we will.

We Care: It’s All About The “Little Things.” We place drop cloths to protect your floors, we clean up after ourselves, and we even vacuum before we go. That’s how you know we really care.


We created the ultimate kitchen planning guide to help answer your questions, find inspiration and know what to expect at each step of the process.


It's Your Home, It's Your Wallet, It's Your Kitchen – I'm Sure You
Have Questions.

You Talk A Lot About Being An Expert In Kitchen Remodeling – Why Should I Care?
General contractors are great. In fact, the owner of ONE WEEK KITCHENS® started out as a general contractor. But we realized that PA homeowners who needed to upgrade their kitchen were often conscious of two things: time and money.

The problem with a general contractor boils down to a few key elements, not the least of which is the use of untrained and unskilled day laborers to save on labor costs. They are also unfamiliar with custom cabinetry, the latest installation techniques, or the newest technology. Honestly, the vast amount of choices, technology, fixtures and products is overwhelming and general contractors just don’t have the time to keep up with them all. We – as specialists – are different. All we do is Kitchen remodeling for areas like Allentown, Danville, Kingston, and many other areas in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Our focus on kitchens and only kitchens has allowed us to streamline the process of remodeling a kitchen to the point that we can do a full remodel in as little as a week. We only use HIGHLY TRAINED EXPERT INSTALLERS that use our proprietary and proven system that minimizes waste, mistakes and re-work.

Bottom line: you get the kitchen you want at a fraction of the price and in as little as a week.

How Do You Remodel A Whole Kitchen In A Week?
Using a streamlined installation process, paired with our highly experienced installers, remodeling a kitchen in as little as one week is not as difficult as it sounds. Our installers have been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms for many years and they know what to expect. If they run into a problem, they don’t panic or stop for hours to think about it. They just fix it. Our installers won’t start your remodel until all of the products are in our warehouse, making sure that we won’t leave your home torn apart for weeks while we wait on materials to arrive. You may find it hard to believe that most of our kitchen remodels are finished in a week (this includes flooring, custom cabinetry, and countertops), but once you see our installers working, you will understand just how we get the job done. Read more about our unique kitchen remodeling process.
Why is a ONE WEEK KITCHENS® Remodel less than a typical remodel?
Because ONE WEEK KITCHENS® installs so many kitchens every year, we’re able to purchase and produce materials for less. These savings are always passed on to our customers. And because of our one-week installation, overhead (labor) is kept to a minimum resulting in ever greater savings.

Understand that the major cost factor in any home improvement project is the labor. By keeping our labor rates to about one week we cut the costs of a traditional kitchen remodel in Pennsylvania by thousands. Think of it this way. Assume two of our technicians – who are highly trained and highly experienced – show up to remodel your kitchen cabinets – and they’re done in a day. Assume an astronomical labor rate of $100 per hour for an eight hour day. That’s $1,600 total labor charge.

Now look at the other way. A general contractor in, say, Bloomsburg calls in a laborer to remove and demolish existing cabinets – this usually takes a day or two. Then they need to call in the cabinet guy. He needs to measure and build – now wait for cabinets to arrive. Make sure they are correct and not damaged – and then get the cabinet guy to install. Of course, now he has to wait for the plumber and electrician. So time to call the plumber, then the tile guy – oh, and then there is the electrician and sometimes even a carpenter. Of course the general contractor has to schedule all of this and hope that the sub’s show up on time and finish on time. All told – your labor costs could easily exceed $2,500 or more.

How do I know I can trust ONE WEEK KITCHENS® in my home?
One Week Kitchen takes the risk out of having contractors in your home. Most of our employees have been with us many years, and ALL are certified and trained to be the very best. We absolutely guarantee that our estimators and installers will treat you and your home with the utmost respect. In fact, we have hundreds of comments from our customers (from Allentown to Lehighton) stating that they couldn’t have imagined a better kitchen-remodeling experience. We assure all of our customers that we will not leave their homes in any state of disarray and we live up to that promise on every job. In fact, our lead installers have the keys and security code to the many of our client’s homes… that’s how trustworthy they are.

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At One Week Kitchens®, You Know EXACTLY What’s Going On –
Every Step Of The Way.
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I have been in the home construction and remodeling industry for over 25 years. There is one thing I know – just about every manufacturer of products in the home remodeling industry has some form of a training and certification process. Whether it's roofing, Jacuzzi tubs, or ReBath products – there is a training program. Any contractor worth his salt will send his technicians to become factory certified. This is a clear indicator that you have a highly skilled technician and not some untrained day laborer. This is a critical component to ensuring that you get a kitchen remodel you absolutely love.
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Our home show display won two awards for most beautiful this past year.

Most Beautiful Display at NEPA Home & Garden Show 2014 & 'Best of Show at Lackawanna Home Builders Association Show Case 2014

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