No Contractor Is Going To Remodel Your Kitchen Better Or Faster Than Us – NO ONE.

No Contractor Is Going To Remodel Your Kitchen Better Or Faster Than Us – NO ONE.


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Measure Twice – Cut Once.
Trust – But Verify.
If It Isn’t Perfect – It Isn’t Done.
Be Professional – Leave It Better Than You Found It.

These are just a few of the “old-school” rules that I grew up with – and these are the same rules I enforce with kitchen remodeling today. Why? Because even the best kitchen products in the world will fail if they’re installed incorrectly. Let me explain:

In kitchen remodeling, it’s easy to cut corners and hide shoddy work. After all, a large portion of a kitchen remodel is going to happen “behind-the-walls” where you can’t see it. Because of this, many remodelers — from Allentown to Bethlehem to Mountain Top — rush to get jobs done and are o.k. with things not being absolutely perfect. But after 25+ years in remodeling, here is something I know for certain – when you cut corners it will inevitably come back to haunt you. That’s why we do things the old-school way.

Measure twice – cut once. A kitchen remodel requires precision. Even 1/16th of an inch mistake can create huge problems. For example: imagine having everything in the kitchen ready to go for your new custom cabinets… only when they go to install them the plumbing is off. Either cut new holes – in your brand new cabinets – or redo the plumbing. In either case, it means project delays, cost overruns… or worse.

Trust – But Verify. When dealing with the Russians, Ronald Reagan once said; “trust, but verify.” His sage advice has been proven true time and time again. We don’t just trust that the kitchen materials we install — including countertops and custom cabinets — are the best simply because the manufacturer says they are. We research and investigate every product on the market and then and only then do we decide what products we are going to install. We don’t just trust that your kitchen was installed perfectly just because the installer said so… we inspect and re-inspect. It’s why we have protocols and procedures in place – It’s to make sure everything is installed absolutely perfectly.

If It Isn’t Perfect – It Isn’t Done. Next to a bathroom, the kitchen probably takes more abuse, wear, and tear than any other room in the house. Your kitchen has to be perfect, or it isn’t going to last… PERIOD. We go to extraordinary steps to make sure everything is perfect – even the stuff behind the walls you can’t see. It’s the only way we know – for certain – that your kitchen will last and that you are getting EXACTLY what you pay for.

Be Professional – Leave It Better Than You Found It. As near as I can tell, this axiom started and is still in use today by the United States Navy – and I think it’s extremely applicable in home remodeling. It’s why when we find a problem – or even a potential problem area – we don’t just cover it up and hope for the best… WE FIX IT. It’s why we always put down floor / carpet protectors while we are working in homes from Allentown to Clark Summit. It’s why we always clean up after ourselves and why you can leave for work in the morning and come home after work to a brand new stunning kitchen – without even knowing we were there.

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