4 Creative Installation Ideas for Custom Bookcases

Custom bookcases in Kingston can totally transform a room. They can be used to make use of wasted space, create a focal point or change the room’s overall look. Here are four different ideas for adding custom bookcases to your home.

1. Add Them Under the Stairs

The space under a stairwell is often just wasted space. Instead of letting it just be a bare spot, add some character by installing custom bookcases that will change this into a cute library or display area.

2. Create a Library in Your Home

If you are a book lover, then one of the best ways to use custom bookcases in Kingston is to create your very own library. Adding in shelves that run from ceiling to floor on each wall in a room, creates the classic look of a library. This is a great idea for a smaller room or a room that is oddly shaped and really not easy to use for any other purpose.

3. Add Glass Doors

Custom bookcases can be made even more interesting by adding glass doors. Not only are you able to display items on the shelves but the glass fronts also serve a more practical purpose. You won’t have to dust as often because the doors keep the majority of the dust out.

4. Vary Shelf Sizes and Heights To Create Visual Appeal

When you think about bookshelves, you may be think about a standard design where all the shelves are evenly spaced. However, the best thing about custom bookshelves is you don’t have to follow the rules. You can create many different shelf heights and widths to fit within the bookcase so it has a varied look to it. This will allow you to create a great display that can be used not only for books but also to display things like trophies, collectibles and electronics.

Custom bookcases in Kingston are something to consider when you want to add an interesting element to your home. They can be used to put wasted space to good use or transform the way a room looks and functions. With so many design options, you can fit a custom bookcase almost anywhere in your home.

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