4 Most Popular Countertop Materials for your Kitchen

With the availability of endless colors, patterns and textures, it can be difficult to choose the perfect material for your kitchen countertop. Ranging from natural stone to solid surfaces, you have something to match every taste and budget. Here are the top 4 countertop materials that you can consider for your kitchen:

Natural stone: Granite, soapstone and slate are the most popular natural stones that are used in kitchen countertops. Granite is available in a plethora of color options and by far is the most common natural stone among all. Slate and soapstone, on the other hand, are limited to only a few color options and both the materials can be fabricated into sink so as to complement the countertop.

Ceramic tile: Although ceramic tile need high maintenance, they are still popular choice for backsplashes, islands and butler’s pantries. These are most often placed over countertops that already have plastic laminate surfaces.

Concrete countertops: These are very similar to the natural stone countertops. These days, precast concrete counters are also available that are known for their smooth surface. They are cured and finished right at the workshop and then honed and sealed to resist stains.

Wood: Wood might have lost its popularity over the time with the growing use of other types of countertops but you cannot deny that wood looks more aesthetically appealing than most other types of materials. They also harbor less bacteria and are therefore safer than the rest.

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