No Contractor Is Going To Remodel Your Kitchen Better Or Faster Than Us – NO ONE.

No Contractor Is Going To Remodel Your Kitchen Better Or Faster Than Us – NO ONE.

ONE WEEK KITCHENS®™ has four beautiful backsplash ideas for your kitchen in Kingston

4 Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to a kitchen makeover, most homeowners know what they want in terms of the cabinets and countertops. However, smaller details can be trickier to choose. Since these small aspects make a big difference, it is important to do a little research ahead of time. Here are four ideas from a kitchen remodeler in Kingston for your backsplash.

1 – Create a Design With Tile

If you want your kitchen to look unique, then a backsplash with a design is a great idea. There are several tiles that can be placed to create a beautiful image. For example, you can find custom made tiles that create vines on your wall. There are also mosaic images that are colorful and fun.

2 – Go Dark

Many people choose lighter backsplashes. However, dark tiles might give you the look you are seeking. This is particularly true if you are installing darker cabinets. A darker black splash can make your space look more modern and masculine. If you are not sure what material to use, try gunmetal tiles.

3 – Large Tiles

Another amazing idea from a kitchen remodeler in Kingston is to use larger tiles. Look for something similar in size to your flooring. If you choose this option, neutral tiles with minimal patterns are ideal. You can also look for a bright color. Sometimes these larger tiles can even make your kitchen look bigger.

4 – Upgraded Outlets

Most backsplashes are placed around the outlets in the wall. Usually, people prefer to have plain white outlets. This way the focus remains on the backsplash. However, you can upgrade the outlets so they stand out. For example, brass outlets pop nicely and add detail to a muted wall. You can also choose outlets that coordinate with your hardware.

These four backsplash ideas are different and beautiful. They can really enhance your kitchen makeover. It is not surprising that they are some of the top ideas used by a kitchen remodeler in Kingston.