Hot Trends in the Kitchen

The kitchen is a central part of many homes, where people gather and socialize as well as cook. This means that when it is time to remodel, you want to get the job done properly. An experienced kitchen contractor in Doylestown will be able to leave you with reliable results. They can also point you in the right direction and inform you of different kitchen trends. Here are a few of the more current ones for 2016.

White has always been a classic kitchen color, but these days more muted shades are becoming popular. Neutral gray can make the space look both sleek and soft. Using these cool tones are especially effective when balanced out with warm colors, textures and materials.

Once the paint job is done, it should be complimented with proper lighting. Many homeowners are installing LEDs, which come in multiple colors and can be placed almost anywhere they are needed. Not only do these look good, the clearly light the space. You will always be able to find what you need.

This is a great time to make your kitchen high tech. The space can be remodeled with integrated spaces for charging smart devices. You can also install appliances like touch activated faucets. Things like this will make your kitchen more accessible to all who use it.

Integrating your kitchen with your living room is becoming a popular choice. It makes both areas look and feel larger. With this design, it’s easy to host large gathering or friends and family, or just hang out with your closest loved ones. Merge the two spaces with integrated appliances that make the design seamless.

Remodeling is a chance to turn your kitchen into the kind of space you’ve always dreamed of .There are so many possibilities, but knowing what the current trends are can make planning your designs easier. Your kitchen contractor in Doylestown can help guide you along the way.

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