Is a One Week Kitchen Remodel Possible?

You may have heard horror stories about kitchen remodels taking months to get completed. It’s hard to believe that you could be enjoying your new room in just a week.Although it is hard to believe, a One Week Kitchen remodel is actually possible. We know you are thinking “How are oneweek kitchen remodels possible?”

It’s all in the Planning

The key to a one week kitchen remodelis planning. It starts with a consultation. You need to know what types of options are available for your home and get ideas of how you want to upgrade and update your home. This is when it’s a good idea to consider what you do like about your kitchen and what doesn’t work for you.

After the consultation, your kitchen needs to be measured to consider layouts and functionality for how you work. You have to look at all of the elements in your home, the electrical, plumbing, and details that will need to be worked into your final plan. Have a good idea of your budget and your priorities, to be able to know where you can give a little if you can’t get everything you want.

Design Agreement and Contract

Having a clear plan before anything is taken out ensures that the contractors work in the right order. You don’t want the electrician adding fixtures after the tile has been installed. Having a design agreement before signing a contract puts everything in place, with all the materials and work that will be done. Take your time making this decision, because, after all the kitchen is the heart of your home.The price on your agreement is what you pay. There will never be a change to this price without a change order signed by you.You won’t worry about over spending your budget.

The One Week Remodel

All of your materials are ordered before the work begins. It’s all part of the planning process for one week kitchen remodels. Once everything is in place to begin, the work starts on time and finishes on time. Some details may take longer, but you will know this before it begins. Don’t stress over your remodel project. With proper planning, you are only uncomfortable for around one week.

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