Why the Work Triangle Is Essential in Kitchen Design

Is it about time you had that old, inconvenient kitchen remodeled? Whether you want to redo it because of outdated style or bad design and functionality, a kitchen remodel can be the solution to many of your cooking space problems. Now, you are probably eager to choose a cool new floor, backsplash and paint color, but it is important to also keep in mind the layout of the room. After all, that may be the main reason you are opting for a kitchen remodel. There are many different ways to design a kitchen layout, one design aspect to consider is the work triangle. A good kitchen remodeling contractor in Danville can help with optimizing your design.

Geometry Matters

So you may be wondering – what is the work triangle? The three-sided geometric shape is what provides many kitchens with convenience and functionality. Specifically speaking, it is an imaginary triangle that begins at the middle of the sink, then the second angle touches the middle of the cooktop and the third angle hits the middle of the refrigerator. There are some other rules that go with this design, including the fact that there should be no high traffic patterns that go through the work triangle. There are other specifics, and a kitchen remodeling contractor in Danville can ensure your triangle is functional.

Efficiency Is Good

The idea behind this clever kitchen design element is efficiency. It keeps the major work areas within good distance of each other, not too far away and not cramped too closely together. It additionally minimizes traffic, so the cook will not have to worry so much about running into people. This design is not perfect, however, as when more work stations and people are added to the cooking space it may not work. Take this into consideration when designing your kitchen. If you are ready for some great functionality, contact a profe ssional kitchen remodeling contractor in Danville today.

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